Profile Styling


How It Works



We style in stages

First, we start with a styling appointment to make sure you’ll photograph well, then we move on to the photoshoot where you’ll show off your modeling skills, and finally we end with a writing workshop where we become a ninja with our words.

Clothes on shelves. AND, SWIPE RIGHT - Profile Styling Service: A Styling Appointment. We style our clients with outfits for upcoming dates, the dating profile photoshoot, and big event evenings.

A Styling Appointment



Dress to Impress

Together, we’ll choose outfits that flatter you and reflect your personal style. We’ll pull pieces from your closet or we’ll go shopping together for something new. Either way, we want you looking good.


A Photoshoot



show me your good side

Next up, we’ll meet for a Dating Profile Photoshoot. This is where you put that money maker into action. Bring your personality and your charm to this carefully styled, art directed, and creatively curated photoshoot.

Camera & computer on wood desk on set. AND, SWIPE RIGHT - Profile Styling Service: A Photoshoot. We work with our clients to create a photoshoot that will produce attractive dating profile pictures.
Man on phone sitting with woman on computer with coffee. AND, SWIPE RIGHT - Profile Styling Service: A Writer’s Workshop. We work with our clients to write authentic bios by having honest conversations.

A Writer’s Workshop



Write Your Heart Out

The last stop on our Dating Profile Styling tour is our bio writing workshop. Here, we’ll explore the Dos & Don’ts for bios and craft an engaging bio.


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